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~~~~5V7EI QRT~~~~
5V7EI is officially QRT with just over 50,000 QSOs in the log. Earlier today, these international team members all returned to their homes after travelling all night.
In the coming days, the QSL card design will begin along with replying to several of the nice emails and words of support that we received.
Thanks to all for the nice and well behaved pile-ups - I hope you fulfilled all your missing band slots.
vy 73 de 5V7EI Team.

~~~FT8 UPDATE~~~
With just over 3 full days of operating left, the 5V7EI team are discontinuing with Fox & Hound mode but will now use 'Standard Frequencies' on FT8 instead. 'Fox & Hound' worked very well for us but now, it's time to maximise our QSOs and try work those Guys who just don't QSY to F&H frequencies.
We are very aware of 80m SSB (75m) demands and will try to fulfill these, however, we are still experiencing lightning storms (severe at times) and even had to QRT for several hours last night.
With 37,600 QSOs currently uploaded, the team are in good spirits and are determined to get you into their logs.
See you in the pile-ups!
vy 73 de 5V7EI Team

Greetings from Togo.
Weather here is between 34-38 degrees daily and as a result, we encounter periods with high noise and QRN. Unfortunately there are more electrical storms forecast for the next few days so please bear this in mind if we seem to have 'no ears' or as 'deaf'.
Our stations are working well, and we have many many JAs and West Coast USA in our logs for which we are very satisfied.
It seems someone was pirating our callsign on 30m FT8 on 16/3/19 around 11:00 so if in any doubt and you don't see your QSOs listed, please work us again.
Last night was our 1st night on 160m/80m and with over 900 QSOs logged, we will continue to be QRV during our Sunrise/Sunset.
We have received many requests for 75m SSB, and to re-jig some of our announced frequencies - all your notes have been taken onboard and we will try our hardest to fulfill. We still have 1 full week left!
Many thanks to those who have sent donations - your callsigns are listed on our SUPPORT page https://5v7ei.com/support and remember, whoever donates over $20, will qualify for a FREE QSL, (just be sure to send your QSO details to Charles, M0OXO at the end of the DXpedition).
See you in the pile-ups!
vy 73 de 5V7EI Team

Team arrived to a wonderful QTH yesterday, right on scheduele. Antenna set up immediately began at first light. QRV by 19:00 on all 5 stations. 'Last night we witnessed an exciting electrical storm'. The team is in high spirits and will be fully operational by this weekend, including 80/160m. Tnx for your patience, we look forward to working you! 

5V7EI Team proposed Band-plan and FT8 information. All QRGs are +/- QRM etc...

                                                                How to work us on FT8

We will be using WSJTX-2.0.1 in Fox & Hound mode (except on 160m we will use the standard mode).
Please only call if you hear us.
Start with sending Tx2 (see below for details)
We will send RR73 and log you, no need to send your 73’s
Please do not TX on our 1000Hz

9.21 In a DX pileup situation, a shortened message sequence helps maximise the QSO rate.  To set things up for this, double-click message Tx 1 to skip it (it will be greyed out).  Now when you double-click a decode to call someone, you will start with Tx 2 instead i.e. sending both callsigns plus the report, rather than both calls plus your grid.  Next, double-click Tx 4 to toggle from the conventional RRR message to RR73, short for ‘Yup, got it, thanks, let’s end the QSO right here: there is no need for us to swap 73’s as well.  Good luck with the rest of the pile, CUL, please QSL on LoTW...’.
From the "FT8 Operating Guide" thanks to ZL2IFB, for some good tips.

Preparations and pagking continue at EIDXG HQ. All equipment is checked, tested, cleaned and weighed in order to be packed appropiately. All equipment will be hand carried by the team from Dublin - Paris - Lomé. 

Media page on our website updated with a pre DXpedition intro video - Tnx Paul M0YTT.

All flights now booked and paid for......Air France....here we come! Just 4 weeks to go to Togo!!!

More coax cables arrived at HQ today, giving us 1.6KMs of Messi & Paoloni cable to bring with us for our antenna plan....some 14 antennas in total!

Our 5V7EI DXpedition is proud to be a qualifying station in the 2019 'DX Trophy' Marathon. To learn more about this exciting activity see...  https://dxtrophy.jimdo.com/rules/

Sincere thanks to the Irish Radio Transmitters Society (IRTS) for coming on board as a major sponsor. It is great to have the support of our National society behind us.

Welcome to Jamie M0SDV who completes our 15 man team. We can now run 5 stations for the duration.

Tnx to Mediterraneo DX Club for coming on board as a sponsor. Looking forward to working many many MDXC members.

Tnx to SP7IDX Technology Hexbeams for coming on board as our 1st Sponsor. 

VOACAP Propagation tool added to website today - tnx to Jari OH6BG. Looks like we're going to have fun on the bands!

The EIDXG have formally announced our plans for our next adventure via all the usual DX news bulletins/DX channels. Looking forward to working you from Togo. Stay tuned for further updates.

Website domain now registered and made publically available. 

Team confirmed, booking deposits now paid....the team will be departing Paris CDG on 13th March, 2019.

Website is now under construction. Please check back on a regular basis to keep up to date with our developments and latest news.